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A modern platform for conducting online auctions, working on the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
The activity of the online auction platform Crypto Auction is aimed at meeting the needs of the public, purchasing goods at the lowest possible price relative to the market value, with a maximum benefit of up to 90% of the market value of the goods, in the conditions of the auction. And also provide an opportunity for platform users to quickly and profitably sell their own lots through the auction.
White Paper
The platform has 3 sections for conducting online auctions.
New equipment
Platform specializiruetsya on the sale of new electronic equipment.
Altogether there are more than 20 brands of products.
Products of stars and media personalities
Users of the platform, you receive the opportunity to purchase genuine items of their idols
Products users
Each user can form a lot of their property and put it up for auction.
The platform is a guarantee between the seller and the buyer
The platform of online auctions Crypto Auction
We create a platform for conducting online auctions that work on Blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies. The Crypto Auction platform will have its own payment system, which will allow bidders to bid on the exposed lots and buy them out to auction winners. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, the course of the auction and its results will remain as transparent as possible.

As mentioned above, the Crypto Auction platform will have its own payment system. We plan to release two tokens, which will use the work of the platform.

The first Crypto Auction token (CAO) is the main game the internal currency. Fundraising and release of Crypto Auction (CAO) tokens will help finance the development of a full-fledged secure platform for online auctions, purchase the first batch of goods, develop and launch a mobile application, organize workplaces, and form a large community around the project.

Crypto Auction (CAO) tokens will be used:
1. Exchange on the won lot.
2. To purchase the internal ChipCA tokens, which are bids per
3. To pay commission when selling your own lot through the online auction.

Crypto Auction (CAO) tokens will be placed on crypto-exchange exchanges for free circulation. Any of the participants will be able to additionally buy, sell or exchange tokens.

A total of 8000000 (eight million) tokens Crypto Auction (CAO).

During the ICO, the price of the token will be 1 ETH = 1000 Crypto Auction (CAO).
The second ChipCA token will only be released for the internal work of the Crypto Auction platform. These tokens will be concentrated in the Personal Area of users.

ChipCA tokens will be used to make bets on the lot. Tracking the transaction of this token allows you to see the number of committed bets, their time. And also the addresses from which transactions were made, show the number of participants in the auction.
We place our project on the KICKICO platform. This will allow us to use a reliable, convenient and secure service.

For our investors, these are additional bonuses in the form of KickCoins (CS) tokens. For each unit of funds invested in the "Crypto Auction" project, you will additionally receive the equivalent in the KickCoins crypto currency (CS). You can spend these funds in any project that was or will be launched on the KICKICO platform.

In addition, each investor will be credited with 4% of KickCoins (KS) tokens. KickCoins (CS) in our project can also be used, like tokens CryptoAuction (CAO)

We, as organizers of the project, are aimed at the full realization of our goals for launching the online auction platform Crypto Auction and its constant development. In this regard, we have developed a plan for the implementation and development of the project (road map).
August 2017
Idea Crypto Auction Platform
September - November 2017
Collection of information. Team selection. Writing White Paper
December 2017 - February 2018
Preparing Privat Sale
Preparing and runing PreICO
March 2018
Development of a full-fledged protected platform Crypto Auction
May 2018
ICO on the basis of the finished platform
June 2018
Platform release. Conducting the first bidding. Developing a mobil application
July 2018
Mobil app release. Scaling the project
The project is responsible for the development of the Crypto Auction project, budget allocation. Conducts negotiations with potential investors and partners
In the project, Crypto Auction is actively engaged in work on attracting additional investments, selecting employees for the further formation of the team.
The project is responsible for the technological infrastructure of the project, protection from external attacks, posting information about the project on the Internet and attracting traffic.
Web-development and web-design studio
«Information solutions of Siberia».
The studio provides technical assistance in the implementation of the Crypto Auction project, fully develops the platform with integrated Blockchain, and also performs the platform design. The studio team is displayed on the official website of the company http://ирсиб.рф/наша-команда
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